Dangerous Bid to Capture the American Civil Service: A Forgotten Episode

9 Sep, 2023


“By the end of the Second World War this secret invasion, in all its forms, had impaired the inner structure of the American Republic to such an extent that some change in its outer form, as known to the world for 150 years, was likely during a confusion-period of any third war. The instinctive struggle of the original population to maintain itself and its traditions against an usurpation, the nature of which it was not allowed to comprehend, was failing.”

Douglas Reed

In the midst of the US involvement in WWII, an attempt was made by a small group belonging to an ethnic minority, to capture the American Civil Service secretly and comprehensively. Not only did the group attempt to infiltrate the Civil Service, more disturbingly, it tried to ensure that no patriotic American would be selected for the profession. This highly disturbing episode would have been confined to complete oblivion but for the outstanding journalist Douglas Reed, who recorded it for posterity in his profound book “The Controversy of Zion”.

There is now little doubt that since that day it became independent, a silent, intense and persistent struggle to gain comprehensive control of the United States of America was carried out by usurious bankers ensconced in Europe and Britain. The great Thomas Jefferson stood against the bankers and warned: “I believe that the banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the Government at defiance. . . If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent that their fathers occupied.” In the Great Depression, as well as in the housing crisis that began in 2007 leading to almost ten million housing foreclosures, his profound prognosis proved right. A non-negligible fraction of the US population lost their houses, becoming homeless.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) belonged to a family with roots in banking and business. According to Nomi Prins: “FDR’s father was a successful banker who moved in the circles of J.P. Morgan and his ilk.” His great grandfather James Roosevelt had founded the Bank of New York in 1784 and was its president from 1784-1791. FDR was a candidate of the bankers and big business and was brought to power for a specific purpose – to take the US into WWII and inter alia to consolidate the grip of the bankers and their agents, not just on the US, but on the entire world.

The international bankers began a systematic and silent movement for immigration of Jews, particularly East European and Russian Jews, to the US, in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. One of the purposes was to have a permanent ally, in the form of a section within the US, which may be called “organized Jewry”, whose loyalty would always lie with the bankers, and who would, among many other things, become a crucial factor in determining the outcome of elections. The fundamental reason for such an alliance lies in the fact that Judaism allows its practitioners to engage in usurious practices with non-Jews. No wonder the dominant international banking families are Jewish. Christianity, on the other hand, forbids usury, so that usurious banking practices will always remain threatened in a society that practices Christian values. The same is, incidentally, true of Islam – the Quran urges the Muslims to be ready to take up arms against those who practice usury.

President Woodrow Wilson was a captive of four individuals, namely “Col.” Edward Mandell House, Justice Louis Brandeis, Rabbi Stephen Wise and Bernard Baruch. Three of these men were committed Jews whereas Col. House was a known Rothschild agent. These men steered the US into WWI through their control over President Wilson. But the Zionist influence became much more overt during the Roosevelt era, who appointed numerous Jewish advisors, almost to the total exclusion of Gentiles. FDR ran his government through these “advisors”, by-passing the normal government functionaries who had the legal responsibility for various matters. He, with the able assistance and guidance of these advisors, steered the US into WWII against the wish of people.

While the bankers and their stooges, the Zionists, were able to capture American politicians, and influence the masses through their ownership and control of the media, their remained one group that offered them resistance. In the words of Douglas Reed: “The capture of the mass-mind became as complete as that of ‘the top-line politicians’. This left one position unconquered at the middle-layer between captive-politicians and the persuaded-multitude. It was the class of which Dr. Weizmann repeatedly complains: the permanent officials, the professionals and experts. “

Douglas Reed observes: “From the start the strongest opposition to Zionism’s encroachment came from this group (and from the ‘outside interference, entirely from Jews’ of which Dr. Weizmann also complained). The non-elected official, the career civil servant, the professional soldier, the foreign expert all are impossible to suborn. The permanent official does not depend on election and feels himself an integral part of the nation. The professional soldier instinctively feels that the nation and his duty are one, and recoils at the thought of military operations are being perverted for some ulterior, political motive. The expert cannot smother his knowledge at the bidding of party-men any more than an expert craftsman can be tempted to make a watch that goes backward.”

In view of this, a secret and systematic effort was initiated, beginning in 1943, to capture the American Civil Service. The Zionist organizations behind this planning and effort were the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and the American Jewish Committee. The Zionists must have felt that the only way to overcome the resistance of the civil servants lay in the “complete capture of a state, including the power of dismissal from employment and arrest…”

Why was the effort initiated when the war had entered a phase when it was clear that it would end in a couple of years? In the words of Douglas Reed: “The high directing intelligence behind this body evidently knows that the best moment to attain its aims is in the later stages and aftermath of the war. At the start the embroiled masses are still intent on the objects professed and after the period of confusion which follows the war they regain some clarity of vision and begin to ask questions about what has been done under the cover of war; if the secret purpose has not then been attained the opportunity has been lost.”

The secret attempt to capture the American Civil Service was exposed, but not fully, by a fortuitous coincidence in the year 1947. Apparently an extensive black-list was being prepared, in which highly patriotic men were being labelled Nazis. The apparent intention was to prevent them from entering the Civil Service and setting them at the mercy of the conspirators who had directed the preparation of the black-list, for punitive action. Reed notes: “The lists then compiled were at one period being so rapidly extended that they would soon have included every person in the United States whose employment was not desired by the secret arbiters. The defamatory dossiers of the ADL were being incorporated in the official files of the American Civil Service. This could have provided basis for secret police action at a later stage (‘political opponents’ were rounded up on the strength of such lists by Goering’s new secret police after the Reichstag fire). All unknown to American people, then and now, a coup of the first order was far advanced in preparation.”

The ADL is essentially an organization that specializes in defaming those who oppose Zionism. It has, from the very early stages of its creation, focused on silencing criticism of Zionism by intimidation, defamation, and even assassination. The assassination of the General George S. Patton in 1945, and of the US Defense Secretary James Forrestal in 1949, were connected with their opposition to Zionism. Both were defamed by Zionist controlled media prior to their assassinations that were made to look like accidents or suicide. The exposure of the black-lists was brought to the notice of some Congressmen by a few civil servants who were aware of what was going on.

Reed points out that even though some civil servants, acting in their personal capacity, had brought the matter to the attention of the Congressmen, nothing would have happened had it not transpired that the Congressmen themselves were included in the defamatory black-list! Around one hundred US Congressmen and Senators had been shown in this black-list as Nazis, including the wives of some of them! They existed as Nazis on the cards inserted in the Civil Service files. Reed states: “They [Congressmen] succeeded in securing copies of these cards, which bore a note saying that the defamationist information was ‘copied from the subversive files’ of a private form of Zionist lawyers.”

This is most astonishing – a private firm of Zionist lawyers had prepared “subversive files” and the information inserted therein was transferred into the official American Civil Service files! The note further mentioned that these subversive files “were made up in cooperation with the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League; the sources of information must not be disclosed under any circumstances.” The note also mentioned that further information about the material of the files may be obtained from the Zionist attorneys. It is very important that the need to not reveal the sources under any circumstances had been explicitly stressed. Why? Most likely because it would have exposed those Zionists who had helped formulate the list and who were to be permanent assets of the organizations involved in this dark exercise. These hidden assets could be put to other subversive uses when desired.

The US Civil Service Commission was charged with investigating the applications received for employment. A senior member of the said Commission appeared, under subpoena, before the Congressional subcommittee looking into the matter. He stated that he had only just become aware of the said file, because he was aware only of normal files maintained in the department. However, he had found out that the secret files contained “750,000 cards”. This is a huge number! In fact, only in the months of June and July 1943 alone, 487,033 cards had been added to the secret files. One may imagine the labor and manpower involved in such a massive undertaking.

The member of the Civil Services Commission further pointed out that copies of these defamatory cards had been “sent to and incorporated in the files of every branch office of the Civil Services Commission throughout the United States.” This meant that applications for employment would be prejudiced by the existence of these cards originating from a private firm of Zionist attorneys and prepared in collusion with the ADL and the American Jewish Committee! What locus standi did these two organizations have to intrude, interfere in, and control the matter of appointment of civil servants? And why did they wish to do such a thing?

During the Congressional appearance the afore mentioned officer stated that the power to produce the aforementioned secret file lay, not with him, but the three Commissioners of the Civil Service. The three commissioners were directly under the control of FDR. When the three commissioners were subpoenaed, they refused to produce these files before the Congressional subcommittee stating that they were forbidden by the president of the country to do so! In 1943, when the secret files were initiated, FDR was the president. But in 1947, when the Congress became aware of the matter Harry Truman was the president. The order not to disclose the files came from President Truman! This led Congressman C.E. Hoffman to state, “This is the first time I have heard the acknowledgement that there exists in this country a Gestapo”. The commissioners did not say a word in denial of the said charge.

The preparation of the black-list seems to have more than just influencing inductions in the American Civil Service as its objective. When Congressman C.E. Hoffmann asked whether persons who did not intend to apply for employment in the Civil Service were also included in the list, one of three commissioners, a certain Mr. Mitchell, said that it was indeed so. Reed states: “Mr. Hoffmann said, ‘Then it has nothing to do with the immediate case of a person applying for a job?”, and Mr. Mitchell agreed. Mr. Hoffmann continued, ‘You claim the right to list in your files the names of anyone and everyone in this country? Is that not correct?’ and the three Commissioners silently assented.” Thus the list had an unlimited range.

One of the most crucial pieces of information was that the Civil Services Commission had forbidden asking of questions about the Communist associations of the applicant! This is most astonishing. Normally anyone with Communist affiliations would not have been selected. But here the intention was to allow induction by concealing Communist associations. The author David Martin, who first established that US Defense Secretary James Forrestal was assassinated, has pointed out that in the US in those years, Jewish individuals were usually Communists and Zionists at the same time!

Let us quote Douglas Reed’s observation regarding the Congressional inquiry: “The official report, so astonishing by earlier standards, shows that the ADL was in a position secretly to introduce into official records defamatory dossiers, quickly extensible into secret files covering the entire country. This was recognizably an attempt to gain control of the American Civil Service and to make loyalty, by earlier standards, a disqualification.”

Loyalty breeds resistance to activities against national interest and those who wished to control the country for their tribal motives wished to eliminate loyal people from positions of importance once and for all. And by dubbing them Nazis, or fascists, expose them to the threat of criminal action and make life hell for them!  No wonder the Wikipedia article on Rep. Hoffmann states: “: “Mr. Hoffmann was a vocal opponent of the National Polio Immunization Program, claiming that the US Public Health Service had been infiltrated by Russian-born doctors. In addition, he was known as an anti-Semite with fascist sympathies, even speaking at rallies held for the far-right America First Party.” Thus a loyal American has been dubbed “anti-Semite” and “fascist”.

What action ensued as result of this report?  The profound Douglas Reed notes: “As no assurance of remedial action was obtained, the result of this public investigation may be compared with a surgical examination by doctors who, having opened the patient and found a malignant growth near a vital organ, declare they have order not to remove it and sew up the incision. Thus the unhealthy condition remained.” The complete purpose of these lists, which covered even those who had no intention of joining the Civil Service remained a deep mystery.

In the years 1951 and 1952 troops suddenly took over small towns in California, New York State and Texas (similar “exercises” are also being carried out silently at the present time). These towns were occupied in the name of the “United Nations” or “Military Government”! “City halls, police headquarters and telephone exchanges were taken over; mayors, officials and private individuals were arrested, bands of ‘enemy’ (garbed by some costumier in ‘Fascist’ uniforms) were paraded around; trials were set up by military courts and concentration camps were set up; proclamations were made threatening ‘resisters’ and ‘conspirators’ with dire penalties.” These were rehearsals for something planned for the future. Perhaps individuals to be targeted at such future date were in the black-list.  Inquiries indicated that the “exercise” had been undertaken on the initiative of the president, the government and the State Department, “but all these authorities remained silent as Civil Service Commissioners had been uninformative.”

Reed concludes: “From 1943 onward the weakness of the American Republic lay more in its impaired foundations than in foreign air forces or fleets.”