Pedophilia – the silent and sinister bane of mankind

18 Mar, 2024

Pedophilia is a curse that afflicts mankind on a vast scale but the knowledge and extent of this evil is deliberately suppressed through freemasonic control of the global media. It is only once in a while that some event breaks this enforced silence momentarily. The case of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, that burst through the media a few years ago, drew global attention to pedophilia. Jeffery Epstein was almost certainly murdered in prison and his death as ruled suicide, while his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in federal US prison for trafficking minor girls for Jeffery Epstein. It is also widely held that Epstein worked for the Mossad as did Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell, a British media proprietor. One of the reasons for their activities was to be able to blackmail important persons because engaging in sex with minors is a criminal offence.

The roots of pedophilia run very deep. Jeffery Epstein was a billionaire businessman who craved sex with young girls and did so with innumerable girls with impunity for a long time. He needed at least three young girls to “massage” him daily! He began trading these young girls around the world. He began offering these girls to influential friends so that they could also engage is similar perversions. For instance, HRH Price Andrews of Britain, was, allegedly, among the “beneficiaries” of Epstein’s young women. The Australian TV program 60 minutes was probably the first to interview some of his victims and to bring to the world what hideous exploitation went on in the mansions and islands owned by Jeffrey Epstein. As one lawyer working for the abused girls said: “The people that were involved with Jeffrey Epstein included some of the richest and most politically powerful people in the world.”

The stories are quite similar. The girls were lured into “massaging” Epstein, initially, in return for money. In 2005 a woman filed a complaint with the Palm Beach Florida police Department alleging that her 14-year old step-daughter was taken to Epstein’s mansion by an older girl and got paid $300 for stripping and then massaging Epstein. A 13-month investigation by Palm Beach Police involved searching his home. They found dozens of nude photos, a steam room and a massage parlor with sex toys at his residence. During the investigation the Palm Beach Police chief Michael Reiter accused the Palm Beach County state prosecutor Barry Krischer of being too lenient. As a result, the FBI became involved in the investigation. In 2006 Epstein was arrested on charges of procuring a minor for prostitution. He was jailed but then released on a $3,000 bail.

With the help of Krischer and a powerful team of lawyers Epstein was convicted only on a single charge of solicitation of prostitution! This was despite the fact that he was involved with scores of minors – the FBI established cases of criminal behavior with at least “34 confirmed minors”, a number that increased to 40 in the non-prosecution agreement. The ages of the girls ranged from 13 to 16 years! As one lawyer stated later, there was enough evidence to convict him for life, but he got away with it. He made a secret plea deal in 2008 which he was able to negotiate away not only his life imprisonment for just 18 months in prison, he also bargained for immunity against any other charges for himself and any other co-conspirators! His jail sentence somehow allowed him to stay outside and work during the day and he would only stay the night in jail! As one of the lawyers put it, the directive to shut down the case against Epstein came “from the highest levels in [Washington] D.C.”

One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffrey, stated that she had been trafficked to “billionaires, I was trafficked to politicians, professors, even royalty, it was the elite of the world, it was people who run the world, it was the most powerful people in the world. He used me as a form of blackmail.” Virginia named Prince Andrews, to whom she was trafficked thrice. There is a photo, verified as genuine, of the young Virginia with Prince Andrews. The stories of numerous young girls are similar. Some of the girls were trafficked from France, from Brazil and other South American countries as well as former Soviet states. The number of girls trafficked by Epstein runs into thousands according to one estimate.

Raids at Epstein residences in New York and Caribbean Islands turned up hundreds of explicitly sexual CDs of underage girls. Epstein had a private jet, called Lolita Express, in which he transported not just girls, but also influential friends such as Bill Clinton. In fact, Clinton travelled 27 times on Lolita Express and took one trip each to Asia and Africa as well on that plane. The plane was wired for audio and video recording as Ghislaine Maxwell told a British female friend. Donald Trump was also at some of the Epstein parties – there is a picture, and a clip, of a younger Trump and Jeffery Epstein at a party thrown by Trump at his Mare Lago residence. Court documents link about 150 important men with Epstein, Except for a few who have denied wrongdoing, the overwhelming majority has remained silent and not commented on why their names are there. Interestingly, there is also a picture of Ghislaine Maxwell with Imran Khan at some party. However, his name is not in the court documents so that he was not involved in their activities.

The curse of pedophilia is not limited to girls. Young boys, and in fact, minor children are also victims of pedophilic creatures. It is highly disturbing that intelligence agencies of the United States, and perhaps Britain, are engaged in sexual abuse of children for their own agendas. Researchers and investigators in the West have, sometimes at the cost of their lives, or serious threats to their lives, investigated these matters and brought to light most disturbing facts. Former head of FBI California Ted Gunderson, who passed away in 2011, stated explicitly that in the United State of America, approximately 700,000 children go missing every year! This is a huge number which, if added year after year, runs into millions! In two years this adds to 1.4 million and in a decade the number becomes a staggering 14 million! He also stated that pedophilia, prostitution, pornography, drugs etc. are part of Illuminati conspiracy. His lecture on the subject can be watched on youtube by simply typing “Ted Gunderson former FBI chief exposes Illuminati”.

In the year 1992 the intrepid Nebraska senator John W. DeCamp published a book “The Franklin Cover-up”.  It was a book on child abuse, Satanism and murder in Nebraska and John DeCamp could write such a book because he was not only exceptionally courageous, he was also a professional lawyer who had fought a court case on the subject. Such was the sensitivity of the subject that former CIA chief William Colby, who himself was mysteriously murdered in an unsolved case in the year 1996, tried to persuade John DeCamp, to keep away from the Franklin case. John DeCamp discussed the Franklin case with William Colby in 1991. When John DeCamp discussed the Franklin case with William Colby he asked him: “What do Ronald Reagan, President George Bush, former CIA Director William Colby, Democratic presidential candidate Bob Kerrey, billionaire and now the second richest man in America and now head of Salomon Brothers – Warren Buffet, and Ronald Roskens the current head of Agency for International Development, all have in common?” Colby said he could not guess the answer. It was then that John DeCamp told him: “The three things are me (John DeCamp), a case called Franklin, and a man named Larry King.” That is how deep and far the Franklin case went.

John DeCamp writes: “Colby and his wife Sally Shelton Colby, a United States ambassador under President Jimmy Carter, were at that very moment warning me to get away from the Franklin child abuse investigation, Larry King, and anybody else linked with Franklin, as quickly as possible for the sake of my own life and safety.” Larry King was a major character involved with impunity in child abuse and ritual murder in Nebraska. John DeCamp wrote that the couple had never talked to him like that before: “They sat me down, made it clear that it was not one of our routine discussions about life and health and happiness and emphasized to me the serious nature of what and whom I was dealing with.”

The foregoing underlines the lethal sensitivity of child abuse cases. Indeed, at the time, when John DeCamp was discussing the matter with the Colby couple “at least fifteen other Franklin-related personalities” had been killed. This included a professional investigator and researcher named Gary Caradori who had received death threats. His personal plane blew up on July 11, 1990 as he was flying back from Chicago to Lincoln Nebraska.  The wreckage of the plane was scattered over three quarters of a mile. A farmer reported seeing an explosion that led to the crash of the plane.  The report of the explosion appeared in the early editions of news in Nebraska but was changed later and it was then reported that the plane exploded on impact, Who are the people who have the power to blow up planes and to influence news coverage of such events? The agencies? Secret societies?

If one takes account of the totality of millions of missing children and the lifetime of abuse to which they are subjected and the murders associated with the subject one can understand why it is difficult to find literature on the subject. The TV is also silent on the issue. If, as reported by Ted Gunderson, 700,000 children go missing every year in the USA, then why is there practically no coverage of the matter in the mainstream media? No wonder there is dearth of literature on such subjects. And the Franklin case is just one such case. Highly influential people are engaged in seeking perverse pleasures and in engaging in Satanic practices with such abducted children.

John DeCamp points out to a most astonishing fact which defies explanation unless one assumes that highly powerful forces are involved the massive child abduction and abuse cases in the United States of America. He quotes Ted Gunderson: “The FBI has an accurate count of the number of automobiles stolen every year. It knows the number of homicides, rapes and robberies, but the FBI has no idea of the number of children who disappear every year. They simply do not ask for statistics. Every month, every major police department in the United States files its uniform crime statistics with the FBI. It would be simple for the bureau to add some more columns to the statistics and get a breakdown of every reported case of missing children – not to mention children who are kidnapped for ritualistic purposes, and in some cases, murdered. I am convinced that the FBI does not ask for these statistics because they do not want to see them. They would be confronted with an instant public outcry for action, because the figures would show a major social problem. That problem would demand action.” Perhaps there may be deeper reasons – sections of FBI are probably aware of the involvement of highly influential figures and organizations in this painful business. Why would a former CIA chief warn John DeCamp to keep away from investigating such a case?

The Franklin case refers to the Frankilin Credit Union scandal which came to light for a brief period in 1988 when the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, was raided by federal agencies because 40 million dollars had gone missing from this small credit-oriented union. But the case turned into something far more sinister. As the investigations of John DeCamp revealed, the case “opens a window into the hideous world of child abuse, and of organized, illegal drug peddling, patronized and protected by powerful figures in politics and business.” Lawrence E. (Larry) King Jr. was 44 years of age in 1988 and was the manager of the Franklin Credit Union. It then became know that children abducted from Omaha and its surroundings had been taken from city to city to be abused at Larry King’s parties. Those engaged in child abuse were well known Nebraskans and Republican Party activists.

Apparently, in early July 1990, Gary Caradori had phoned Senator Loran Schmit and told him “We ‘ve got them. There is no way they can get out of it now.” He told the Senator that he and his son would be flying to Chicago on the weekend of July 7-8 and do some investigation on the side. Then, upon his return, he would review the evidence with him, he had told the Senator.  A day after Caradori’s death, the Lincoln Journal wrote: “Schmit confirmed that Gary Caradori had been trying to obtain pictures that some alleged victims said were taken of them during the period when they were being abused. He also confirmed that Caradori had been told that some of those allegedly involved in child sexual abuse ‘had exposed some of the victims to satanic cultism. He was working on places and times.’ He was also working on leads into Washington D.C.” All this makes it easy to understand why he was killed. Caradori may have been careless in talking to Senator Schmit on the phone – Caradori knew for sure that his own phone had been tapped.

Larry King was jailed for financial fraud but the real case was suppressed “Law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels said that there was no evidence of drug peddling, organized child abuse, or Satanic activity by King.” The allegations of child abuse were called “a carefully crafted hoax” by two grand juries   who examined the case. Instead, Alisha Owen, a victim of abuse and a key witness, was convicted of perjury along with another victim Paul Bonacci!   There is no justice for victims of child abuse in the United States of America – they are abused, and if they speak out, they are jailed! Two other victims of child abuse whose testimony confirmed what Owners and Bonaci had stated, recanted under immense pressure but Owens and Bonacci refused to recant, and were punished.

The investigations of John DeCamp, as divulged in his book, reveal that one of the jurors Michael Flanagan was a homosexual himself and worked for the Union Pacific, a company owned by the Harriman family, a satanic family that is part of the New World Order leadership. As one knowledgeable source told DeCamp: “The company is known for two things at the top: homosexuality and freemasonry.” In a lawsuit filed by De Camp on behalf of Paul Bonacci, it was stated: “Michael Flanagan should not have been allowed to be Grand Jury Foreman because he himself, Michel Flanagan, because he himself had been recently involved in an incident in which he, Flanagan, was accused of pandering and in which he, Flanagan, and his Company, Union Pacific, had reached a civil settlement to suppress such incident and satisfy the demands of an individual making the complaint against him.” The civil settlement had been worked out in order to prevent Flanagan from being convicted. “Further, Flanagan himself violated his Grand Jury duties by sharing Grand Jury information with other individuals, including lawyers and others he met on a regular basis almost every day following Grand Jury proceedings at Union Pacific Headquarters in Omaha, and receiving advice and guidance from them on how to proceed in the Grand Jury proceedings and providing them information on the supposedly secret Grand Jury proceedings themselves.” The involvement of Union Pacific in vitiating the Grand Jury proceedings points to the involvement of the world’s most powerful elements in protecting pedophilia, prostitution of young females, and ritual murder. No wonder the Franklin case was “death-laced”.
Larry King’s photographer Rusty Nelson told author Nick Bryant: “King hired me to take pictures of adults and children in compromising positions. The pictures showed who the adults were and who the kids were. I gathered that the purpose was blackmail and it was political. The content of the pictures, and the events surrounding them, would be an instant end to a politician’s career.”

In the Franklin scandal kids were flown from coast to coast. Although this aspect was similar to the Epstein case, the Franklin network was, to quote author Nick Bryant, “much bigger than the Epstein network”. In the Epstein case it was Epstein who was the pimp and pedophile – in the Franklin case there were two pimps. In Nebraska Larry King was the pimp whereas the pimp in Washington D.C. was named Craig Spence. The home of Craig Spence was wired for audiovisual recording. “Anybody who took part in those parties at Craig Spence’s home was definitely blackmailed” writes Nick Bryant. However, in November 1989 Craig Spence was found dead in a room in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston. He had been subpoenaed by a grand jury investigating Vinson. A press cutting was found on his bed – the cutting pertained to a news item that mentioned then then CIA director William Webster (1987-1991) attempting to protect CIA officers that had been called to testify before government bodies. Before he turned up dead, a a story in the Washington Times on June 29, 1989, was headlined: “Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush”. The story exposed both, Craig Spence and Larry King.

Officer Irl Carmesn, who was later taken off the case, had carried out extremely important investigation in the case. Omaha police chief Robert Wadman seemed interested in suppressing the investigation and therefore, officers took care to keep him out of the investigation. Their reports were handwritten and when Wadman asked them if they were investigating Larry King they simply lied and said they were not! Larry King claimed that Wadman was a friend of his and had called him to get a suitcase, seized in a drug case, released. That he did get the suitcase released was admitted by Wadman to TV-7 of Omaha! However former Lincoln policeman Jerry Lowe wrote that there was evidence that Omaha police chief Robert Wadman had stayed at Larry King’s residence in Washington D.C. Caradori, who was killed when his plane blew up, had recommended names of 62 individuals and documents to be subpoenaed . He had made a list of seven alleged perpetrators on the basis of recorded testimony of Alicia Owens, and one of these was Robert Wadman. The name of a judge was also in the list of perpetrators – this was Judge Theodore Carlson. Larry King’s name was on the top of the list of alleged perpetrators.

At a press conference held in December 1989, Senator Schmit revealed that he had obtained video recorded testimony from three victims in the Franklin case. The recordings had also been seen by members of the Franklin Committee. In a letter written to the Attorney General Senator Schmit stated: “Members of our committee was dismayed by the fact that no state or federal investigative bodies interviewed any of these new witnesses we have, even though they were discovered by our investigative efforts after a fairly short time and a very small budget . . . It is the opinion of all committee member that the activities described and the personalities involved scream out for action. . .  As a result of the new evidence we have all become very, very concerned.” Is the inaction on the part of federal and state investigative bodies justifiable? Does it not point to very powerful forces at the highest level that have the power to block such investigations?

The Report of one of the male victims, Tony Bonacci is, as De Camp puts it, “gruesome”. It is painful to even read what Bonacci experienced and saw. We will have to skip some aspects of his statements as these are too graphic and too painful. But aspects of the statement need to be mentioned so that the reading public may know what is being done to children in the US, and perhaps elsewhere, and still the law enforcement agencies remain indifferent. He mentions being transported back and forth by air between Sacramento, Ca, and Las Vegas in 1984, for sex with men along with a boy Nicholas, then about 12 or 13 years of age at the time. Bonacci states that he and Nicholas were driven for about an hour from Sacramento, Ca., to an rea that had big trees. This area was later identified as the Bohemian Grove. “There was a cage with a boy in it who was not wearing anything. Nicholas and I were given these Tarzan things to put around and stuff.” The two were forced at gun point to indulge in sex with the poor boy and were asked to beat the boy as well.

Then a man came who threw both of them out and then raped the boy. The boy screamed because it was very painful. “The boy was bleeding from his rectum and the men tossed him and me and stuff and put the boy next to me and grabbed a gun and blew the boy’s head off.” Bonacci and Nicholas were forced on gun point to engage in sex with the dead body and to “eat him out”. The dead body of the boy was dragged by the man who had killed him and then the body was put in a trunk. The dead body was dropped in a very thick brush area with a clearing in it. “One said the men with hoods will take care of the body for them.” The entire episode was filmed and the “‘men with the hoods’ were a Satanic group which planned to use the dead boy in some sort of ceremony.” One wonders how many parents have lost their children in this manner.

An abused girl, Loretta Smith, who was hospitalized, had told the hospital staff in 1988 that she had witnessed rape, devil worship and ritual murder of several children. She stated: “The first a one-year old female had her head taken off by a saw, the second a four-year old white male was hung on a wall and darts thrown at him, the third an Indian female, three or four years old, had several parts of her body cur off after it was ground and poured on the girls and they were made to drink the remains of the child…” Lorettta stated that the third, fourth and fifth sacrifices took place in the spring of 1985 – she was eleven years old at the time. Dr. Carol Stitt of the Foster Care Review Board Executive, who analyzed the report of Loretta Smith’s case officer regarded her testimony as “highly credible.” Loretta Smith had named names and was specific about the dates. As DeCamp states: “From three separate cases, involving pornography, child abuse, and ritual murder, children’s testimony and other evidence converged on Larry King.”

One of the most disturbing pieces of information emerging from the Franklin investigations by researchers refers to the “Monarch Project”. This program refers to “young people in America who were victims of mind control experiments run either by U.S. government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, or military intelligence agencies.” As revealed by Paul Bonacci, a victim of Monarch, the children “were tortured for the purpose of creating ‘multiple personalities’ within them. These multiple personalities could then be programmed as desired – as spies, ‘drug mules’, prostitutes, or assassins.” Thus the agencies of the United Sates were engaged in, among other things, the production or creation of a horde of children “in whom the soul is crushed, who would spy, whore, kill, and commit suicide.” No wonder all attempts at exposing massive and profound Satanic child abuse are met with insurmountable resistance. It is not just the agencies – the agencies are tools of the Elite families. As pointed out by writer Anton Chaitkin, “The three families, Rockefeller, Warburg, and Harriman, together with British Crown agencies, jointly sponsored much of the social engineering enterprise…”

Paul Bonacci and another victim, Cathy O’Brien, have been interviewed by researchers. Cathy O’Brien has written a book Trance Formation of America with Mark Phillips, in which she has provided information on how children are subjected to systematic and prolonged abuse. She has also mentioned being raped and abused by high profile men, such as Dick Cheney, at the Bohemian Grove, among other places. Cathy O’Brien points out that slaves like her were subjected to “ritualistic trauma” at the Grove. She also mentions witnessing “the sacrificial death of a young dark haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform sexually” and was told that she could be next. She also mentions a “Necrophilia theme room” as well as a Dark Room at the Bohemian Grove. Cathy O’Brien also states: “There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, an opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including poster beds, water beds and ‘kitten’ houses.”  Cathy O’Brein states in the epilogue of her book: “Absolute mind control was the only existence we knew until Mark Phillips rescued my then 8-year old daughter, Kelly, and me directly from the CIA/DIA’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch.” MK-Ultra is the actual mind-control project of the CIA.

Paul Bonacci has described how he was taken to the White House to be used a sex toy. Bonacci also told investigators that he was among a group of young male prostitutes taken by Craig Spence on a private tour of the White House. Bonacci also told investigators that he was pushed into Satanism by a ring that was based at the Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha. Bonacci’s abuse at Offutt began when he was only three-years old. The ring “trained” him by sexual abuse, drugging, and torture. Larry King and former Omaha Police Chief Robert Wadman were collaborators of the Offutt Air Force Base ring.
John DeCamp writes: “Professionals probing the child victims of ‘Monarch’ say there are clearly two responsible elements at work: the government/military, and cooperating Satanic (or more exactly pagan) cults. These are multi-generation groups, where parents donate their own children – who are proudly called ‘bloodline; or simply ‘blood’ cultists – to be smashed with drugs and electric shock, and shaped. Other children are kidnapped and sold into this hell, or are brought in gradually through day-care situations.”

Some of the persons that coexists in a multiple personality created by abusing and torturing children are code named ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, OMEGA and DELTA. General personality is accessible under codes Alpha 001, Alpha 009, etc. for “persons” with specific task orientations. Sex programs such as pornography, etc. are accessible through codename BETA. Assassination programs are accessible through DELTA. GAMMA programs involve deception, amnesia and disinformation. OMEGA programs are self-destruction ranging from self-mutilation to suicide.
Paul Bonacci reported numerous activities he was engaged in which involved Lt. Col. Micahel Aquino and Bill Pemmons, both at Offutt Air Force Base. These involved travels to Hawaii, New York and Washington to engage in homosexual activity with public figures, thereby compromising them. He reported traveling to Mexico for transporting drugs, guns and children. He also mentions travels to Netherlands and Germany for carrying out child pornography, to avoid prosecution in USA.  He also reported trips on behalf of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association). According to De Camp NAMBLA is a pedophile group that has been accorded semi-official status by the UN!