Who Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

8 Mar, 2023

"Who Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?", published in Daily Pakistan on 8 March, 2023

Historically purveyed Mr. Roosevelt’s achievements may now be seen to have three fold and in each respect perilous to his country’s future: he helped to arm Zionism, he armed the revolution in the Moscow citadel, and he opened the gates of his American citadel to it agents.

Douglas Reed in “The Controversy of Zion”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was the 32nd President of the United States who occupied the office from March 4, 1933 until his death on April 12, 1945. He is eulogized as the man who led America out of the Great Depression and then on to victory in the Second World War. In a separate article it will be shown that it were FDR and Winston Churchill together, and not Adolf Hitler, who precipitated WWII, a war that the international banking families had planned.

Adolf Hitler did not want to go to war with the British or the Americans and did his utmost to avoid a clash with them. But both, FDR and Churchill, had been brought to power by the clique called the High Cabal by Churchill, for only one purpose – the destruction of Germany and the creation of Israel as well as the UN as a means to moving towards the One World Government. This One World Government will be a global slave state with a highly reduced human population. It will be run by the wealthiest families on the planet in collusion with their subservient allies. This is the essence of the New World Order (NWO).

In an article “America’s Dirtiest Secrets”, posted on www.unz.com on February 12, 2023, author Larry Romanoff states (emphasis in original): “Similarly, I was taught the two World Wars were caused by Germany and that gallant little England prevailed over an evil enemy, but was again surprised to learn that it was the European Jews who contrived mightily to bring about both World Wars, that in fact Germany resisted war until the very end, and was the victim of a massive hate campaign by the Jews who wanted it destroyed.”  It were, essentially, the dominantly “Jewish” international banking families, that had planned and manipulated the two World Wars, and if one digs deep enough, one cannot avoid this, assiduously concealed, conclusion. They did use ordinary Christians and Jews as cannon fodder for their own imperial quest, an ongoing quest spread over several centuries now.

In order to understand the global mess of today it is important to understand how and why was WWII brought about, and by whom. For this purpose, it is extremely important to expose the truth about FDR and Churchill and point out important facts not mentioned in the highly controlled and untrue narrative about both of them that dominates the textbooks, and history books published by the major publishers. It is therefore necessary to look at FDR and Churchill closely and minutely. We will deal with FDR in the present article.

So who realty was FDR? In a much forgotten book, “The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt”, first published in 1948, author Emanuel M. Josephson, had pointed out that FDR belonged to the “Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty” (Josephson’s phrase). He writes that “An evaluation of the Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty for the past, present and future of the United States has been impossible hitherto because the data has been carefully hidden in family records and has not been available to public. Even in the case of one of the most publicized members of the Dynasty, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, little of really important background in known to the public.” Why the need for concealment? Why the secrecy?

Josephson points out that twelve U.S. presidents have been listed in the FDR family tree. Of these twelve, eight were on the Delano side and four on the Roosevelt side. He states: “So closely has the secret been kept that it will undoubtedly surprise the reader to know that the most closely related of these presidents to FDR was not Theodore Roosevelt, but Ulysses S. Grant.” Interestingly his real name was Hiram Ulysses Grant! One wonders if Hiram Abiff of the Masonic legend had anything to do with this name? Josephson discusses how several of the presidential ancestors of FDR were devoid of integrity and honesty. Apart from presidential ancestors, FDR had a very important Illuminati ancestor named Clinton Roosevelt. Clinton Roosevelt published a book “Science of Government” in which he, according to Josephson “published a blueprint to nullify the Constitution and Sovietize the U.S.A. Published in 1841, it contains the detailed plan of the New Deal and NRA, [National Recovery Act] drawn ninety-two years before his cousin, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt launched the conspiracy.”

Antony Sutton has looked into the banking and business ancestry of FDR. He points out that FDR’s great grandfather James Roosevelt founded the Bank of New York in the year 1784 and was its president from 1786-1791. Also “The investment banking firm of Roosevelt & Son of New York City was founded in 1797, and in the 1930s George E. Roosevelt, FDR’s cousin, was the fifth member of the family in direct succession to head the firm.” Thus from the late 18th century the Roosevelts were in the banking business. The same James Roosevelt also established the first ever sugar refinery in New York as early as 1740 and right up to the 1930s the family had connections with the Cuban sugar refining.

FDR’s father was also involved with banking. In her 2014 book “All the President’s Bankers” Nomi Prins states (emphasis added): “FDR’s father, James Roosevelt, had been a successful banker who traveled in circles of J.P. Morgan and his ilk. The Roosevelts owned a home on the majestic banks of Hudson River, in the Hyde Park, New York, where many elite industrialist-financiers spent their autumn amid colorful foliage. The Morgans, the Rockefellers, Astors and the Vanderbilts were all friends and neighbors of FDR.” All the aforementioned families are important players in the New World Order movement. James Roosevelt also got involved in the railroad business becoming the president of several railroad companies.

The Delano side of the FDR family also was connected with highly important international banking families. One of FDR’s uncles Frederic Adrian Delano was nominated on the Federal Reserve Board (FRB). Antony Sutton has uncovered a confidential letter from Benjamin Strong, Governor of the Federal Reserve, requesting confidential FRB data. Benjamin Strong is one of the most important banking figures of the century, having played a key role in precipitating the economic crash of 1929 in collaboration with Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England. It is crucial to note that the Federal Reserve, which was established by the Congress in late December 1913, is a private entity with the power to print dollars and lending these, on a nominal interest, to the U.S. government. The U.S. government has the constitutional right to print and mint its currency but the Congress took away this power and gave it to the Federal Reserve, which has, ever since, controlled the U.S. money line. The Federal Reserve is owned by a few international banking families, including the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, etc. The ownership is carefully concealed.

Antony Sutton has stated: “Further there is a lifelong and intimate Warburg association with the Roosevelts from childhood to the New Deal. The Warburg-Roosevelt association is illustrated by an extract from James P. Warburg’s memoirs. ‘It so happened that I had known the President’s eldest son, James Roosevelt, for some years, because he had been living in one of the cottages on my uncle Felix’s estate in White Plains.’” No wonder, when FDR became president, he appointed James P. Warburg as an advisor on international monetary affairs. It is also significant that FDR’s father and J.P. Morgan had co-founded the Metropolitan Club in New York. All these things are being mentioned to emphasize the deep and longstanding ties of both sides of FDR’s family with the international banking families who have had a key role in planning and inciting wars, revolutions and bloodbaths and which aim at setting up a global slave state under their control.

Eustace Mullins, who was one of the most knowledgeable men on the planet regarding the international banking families, has written that FDR himself was “an international banker of ill repute having floated large sums. These bonds defaulted, and our citizens lost millions of dollars, but they still wanted Mr. Roosevelt as President.” E.M. Josephson has also written: “It is questionable whether any one man was more persistently identified during the prosperous 1920s with enterprises that trimmed the investors than the ‘high financier’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His record was consistently putrid.” Mullins writes that the “New York Directory of Directors listed Mr. Roosevelt as President and Director of United European Investors, Ltd., in 1923 and 1924, which floated many millions of marks in this country. All of which defaulted.”

FDR entered politics through a fortuitous circumstance. During WWI he was assistant Secretary of Navy. According to Mullins, on account of his position, “[H]e [FDR] had intervened to prevent the prosecution of a large ring of homosexuals in the Navy which included several Groton and Harvard chums.” As a result, FDR got the favorable attention of a wealthy homosexual group presided over by Bessie Marbury, who belonged to an old and prominent New York family. The group run by Bessie Marbury traveled between New York and Paris. “They recruited J.P. Morgan’s youngest daughter, Anne Morgan, into their circle and used her fortune to restore the Villa Trianon in Paris, which became their headquarters. During World War I, it was used as a hospital.”

For her war services Bessie Marbury expected to be honored by the French government. And she would have been awarded Legion of Honor but for the intervention of “J.P. Morgan Jr. who despised her for corrupting his youngest sister.” He “requested the French government to withhold the reward which they did.” Mullins narrates: “Smarting from this rebuff Bessie Marbury threw herself into politics and became a power in the Democratic National Party. She had also recruited Eleanor Roosevelt into her circle, and during a visit to Hyde Park, Eleanor confided that she was desperate to find something for ‘poor Franklin’ to do, as he was confined to a wheelchair and was very depressed. ‘I know what we’ll do’ exclaimed Bessie. ‘We will run him for Governor New York!’ Because of her power she succeeded in this goal, and Roosevelt later became President.”

Josephson has made an important revelation about FDR’s wife Eleanor Roosevelt. She was the niece of FDR’s relative President Theodore Roosevelt. He states: “The only contributions of Eleanor Roosevelt that have ever been authenticated were those to the Communist front and fellow traveler organizations. To them, Eleanor gave unstintingly of her time, her energy, and her funds. They gave in return. She is no parlor pink, but has been an intimate associate of the founders of the Communist Party in the United States almost from the beginning. It was as much her influence as that of Rockefeller agent Harry L. Hopkins that played on FDR’s suggestibility and constantly warped him to the left.” As revealed by Major George Racey Jordan (in “Major Jordan’s Diaries”) Harry Hopkins was sending all important documents pertaining to the technical aspects of the atomic bomb project to the Soviet Union during WWII!

When FDR contested for Governor New York his campaign was funded by “Edward S. Harkness of the Standard Oil Company, Vincent Astor of the Roosevelt-Delano dynasty, Bernard Baruch of the Ryan-Morgan-Rockefeller group; Owen D. Young of the General Electric Company, a Morgan henchman, Jesse H. Jones and Percy S. Strauss.” Thomas Dalton has pointed out that in his gubernatorial elections FDR was able to win more Jewish votes than his opponent, who was Jewish. This indicated “something about the strength of FDR’s connection to that [i.e. Jewish] group.”

FDR was elected as President of the U.S. in 1932. His campaign received contributions from Du Ponts, Rockefellers, and others in 1931 as well as 1932. We will quote the 1932 contributions only. Josephson writes: “To FDR’s 1932 election campaign there was contributed by William Randolph Hearst, $30,000; Edward S. Harkness of Standard Oil Company, $12,000; John J. Raksob, $23,000; Bernard M. Baruch of the Ryan-Rockefeller-Morgan group, $45,000; Francis P. Garvan representing the Brady interest, $15,000; and indirectly the Association Against tthe Prohibition Amendment supported Roosevelt with sums up to $100,000 contributed by Lammot Du Pont; Pierre S. Du Pont, Vincent Astor and William H. Woodin $35,000 each…” It is therefore clear that FDR was the candidate of the bankers and big business such as Rockefellers, Morgans, Du Ponts, etc.

An important aspect of FDR’s presidential support has been described by Thomas Dalton in his 2019 book “The Jewish Hand in World Wars”. He writes: “Earlier I showed Roosevelt’s dependence on Jewish supporters in his gubernatorial term. When it came time to mount a presidential campaign, his old buddies were there to help. As Myron Scholnick explains, “A number of wealthy Jewish friends contributed to Roosevelt’s pre-nomination campaign fund: Henry Morgenthau Jr., Lt. Gov. Lehman, Jesse Strauss, [and] Laurence Steinhardt.’ Once the primaries were out of the way, ‘Roosevelt’s campaign was heavily underwritten by Bernard Baruch.’”

The deepest and most powerful contribution to the FDR campaign came from the Rothschilds of London. This has been uncovered and described by E.C. Knuth in a self-published book “The Empire of ‘The City’ – The Secret History of British Financial Power” that appeared in the year 1944. Knuth wrote: “That the immense crash and loss in American securities served not only to damage and cripple Britain’s then greatest competitor, but also to discipline a recalcitrant and unfriendly administration seems beyond doubt. That $1,233,844000.00 [1.233844 billion] of foreign gold was moved out of the country in the election year of 1932 to bring further discredit to that unfriendly administration and to influence the elections seems beyond question.” The bankers wished to punish the incumbent Herbert Hoover who, though initially an agent of the bankers, had refused to accept the New Deal as a “precise pattern of fascism”. He also knew that the Crash was caused by certain decisions of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, but instead of coming out about it in the open he kept quiet and was discarded.

FDR was reelected in 1936. And there was a reverse gold movement by the Rothschilds to favor FDR. Knuth writes: “That $1,139,672,000 [1.139672 billion] in foreign gold was moved in to the country in 1935 to influence the election and to recreate ‘confidence’ to prepare the American investor for a further milking in 1937 seems beyond question. The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history, the very periods when others lost their money, is beyond question.” It is thus clear that the election and reelection of FDR was made possible by the machinations of the House of Rothschild. FDR had been brought to power for one purpose alone – to take the US into war against Germany. There is ample evidence that war had been planned and in fact, well before the war broke out, the U.S. ambassador to France, William Bullitt, FDR’s “agent provocateur” in Europe, had told a Czech diplomat in Fall 1938, that a war lasting at least six years will take place. Bullitt was a known homosexual, belonged to a rich banking family, and had Jewish roots.

When FDR was elected President he inducted numerous Jews into his government. In his profound book “The Controversy of Zion” Douglas Reed gives an assessment of the “advisors” of FDR. He writes: “Among the President’s ‘advisors’ many were of foreign birth, or in effect became ‘foreign’ by their devotion to Zionism or their attitude to the world-revolution and world-government. In this sense a ‘foreign group’, embodying the mass immigration of the preceding hundred years, formed itself around the American president and ‘steered’ the course of event. The twelve years that followed showed that any ‘advice’ acted on by the president must have been to the benefit of the destructive principle in three interrelated forms: Communism, Zionism, world-government.”

David Martin, who has written a fascinating book in 2019, “The Assassination of James Forrestal” [Forrestal was first Secretary of Defense of the U.S.], points out: “In many instances in the United States in 1930s and 1940s pro-Communism and pro-Zionism could be found in the same individuals, who were almost always exclusively Jewish.” U.S. Navy pilot turned author, the late Benton Bradberry, writes in his 2012 book “The Myth of German Villainy”: “A partial list of Jews surrounding FDR included: Bernard Baruch, Felix Frankfurter, David E. Lilienthal, David Niles, Louis Brandeis, Samuel I. Roseman, Henry Morgenthau Jr., Benjamin V. Cohen, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Francis Perkins, Sidney Hillman, Herbert H. Lehman, Jess I. Strauss, Harald J. Laski, Charles E. Wyzanski, Samuel Untermeyer, Edward Filene, David Dubinsky, Mordecai Ezekiel, Abe Fortas, Isador Lubin, Harry Dexter White (Weiss),  David Wintraub, Nathan G. Sivermaster, Harald Glasser, Irving Kaplan, Solomon Adler, Benjamin Cordozo, Anna Rosenberg, … and numerous others, almost to the exclusion of Gentile advisors.” As a result of this, FDR was “enveloped in a milieu of Jewish hate and hostility for Germany …”

Each and every name mentioned above was a deeply embedded and cunning agent of the High Cabal. Some had a mysterious background. For instance, Harry Dexter White had no background record. Douglas Reed points out that “According to the American newspapers, no birth certificates of any man called ‘Harry Dexter White’ exist and none knows who he was!” Reed adds: “During all these years the man whose true identity apparently will never be known was a Soviet agent, and the proof was proffered to and refused by President Roosevelt.” And this Soviet agent, who emerged from darkness in 1934, was entrusted with (emphasis in original) “full responsibility for all matters with which the Treasury has to deal having a bearing on foreign relations.”

The foregoing then raises the question: did FDR have a Jewish ancestry? In her encyclopedic work “The Ruling Elite, Death, Destruction and Domination” (published 2014) Deanna Spingola writes: “The Daily Citizen of Tuscon, Arizona, published a genealogical pedigree of FDR on February 29, 1934. In addition, Dr. H.H. Laughlin directed the preparation of a genealogical chart of FDR for the Carnegie Institution, which the Associated Press news agency dispatched to its membership on March 7, 1934. Both documents claim to substantiate FDR’s Jewish ancestry, which provides an explanation for radical policies and his administration’s legislation. It also reveals why he favored hundreds of Jews, socialists and communists for high positions within the government.” Spingola further points out that FDR’s mother’s ancestors were most likely Sephardic Jews. When his mother Sarah Delano died in 1941, the B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation purchased the house of the Roosevelt family in New York, and converted it into the Sarah Delano Interfaith House for students of Hunter College.

Thomas Dalton points out that FDR’s son-in-law Curtiss Dall wrote in his book “My Exploited Father-in-Law: “As I gathered it, the background of Franklin Roosevelt family was a composite of English, Dutch, Jewish and French stock.” Dalton also points out Chase Osborn, a Zionist Christian, and a former Governor of Michigan mentioned that former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt, a fifth cousin of FDR had claimed to be Jewish. Osborn gave an interview to the St. Petersburg Times of Florida, which appeared on February 8, 1934. Dalton writes: “Osborn claimed that the Roosevelts were descended from the Rosacampos, a Jewish family expelled from Spain in 1620. That family spread into Europe and altered their spelling according to the various places they took root: Rosenberg, Rosenblum, Rosenthal, and in Holland Rosenvelt. ‘The Rosenvelt in Holland finally became Roosevelt’ claimed Osborn – which in fact appears to be true: the family patriarch, Claes von Rosevelt immigrated to the United States in 1649. His son Nicholas apparently dropped the ‘van’ and changed the spellings to the familiar form.” There is thus little doubt about FDR’s Jewish roots and that explains his absolute predilection for inducting a huge number of Jews into his government and seeking the advice of Jews.

The foregoing will help us understand why FDR took the U.S. into a war that the people did not wish to join. The efforts he made to take the U.S. into the European war are astonishing, but carefully hidden by a very tightly controlled historical narrative. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was, as has been established by documented evidence, the result of planned and sustained manipulation and provocation by the U.S., a manipulation that had FDR’s approval.