The Assassination of General Patton

18 Apr, 2023

"The Assassination of General Patton", published in Daily Pakistan on 18 April, 2023

We are turning over several hundred thousand prisoners of war to be used as slave labor in France…[W]e fought the Revolution in defense of the rights of man and the Civil War to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles… If what we are doing to the Germans is “Liberty” then give me death. I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic and I am sure of it.

General Patton’s dairies

Actually Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans…. What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.

General Patton’s diaries

General George S. Patton was one of most brilliant and daring generals ever produced by the United States of America. He apparently died as a result of injuries sustained in an accident in Germany soon after WWII. But his “accident” was not an ordinary accident – it was a planned assassination of a man who could, one day, pose a grave threat to the Zionist control of the United States. The now obsolete Patton tank was named after him and was employed by the Pakistan Army in the 1965 Indo-Pak war. He was first killed and then honored by naming the tank after him! On account of his fiery integrity and exceptional courage, lesser generals like Eisenhower, even though they were made senior to him, feared him.

General Patton met with an accident on December 9, 1945 and had suffered a broken neck, but was recovering, and was to be flown to the U.S. on December 22. But then suddenly, on December 21 his death was announced. The death was attributed to an “embolism”. An embolism is an obstruction of a blood vessel by a clot, or a foreign particle, or an air bubble. There had always been a suspicion that he was assassinated but, in the year 2008, Robert Wilcox published his book Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General Patton. Wilcox was able to establish beyond reasonable doubt that indeed Gen. Patton was assassinated in what was made to look like an accident. Several earlier attempts to assassinate him had also been made but were never investigated by the U.S. Army authorities!

It is extremely significant that Wilcox’s book was greeted with silence in the U.S. mainstream media. This in itself indicates that the Zionist controlled media wished to put a lid on the story. Why would they want to do that?  Were the Zionists behind the Patton assassination? An Australian newspaper, the West Australian published a story on the book on p16 of its December 22, 2008 edition. On December 25, 2008, Bob Patterson wrote the following for OpEdNews: “Two days after the article appeared, a search of Google-news provided several links to other stories on the same topic, but they were for sources outside the United States.” Patterson then asks: “Why isn’t this story being reported by the Huffington Post and/or New York Times so that Google-news search can prove that it isn’t up to a blogging columnist in Australia to bring this newsworthy book to the attention of an American website’s audience?”

Robert Wilcox was able to repeatedly interview an OSS assassin by the name of Douglas Bazata. OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, was the precursor of the CIA, and was set up, on British advice, by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). Douglas Bazata was a Catholic whose grandfather had emigrated from Czechoslovakia. Bazata was also a very fine painter and therefore had a sensitive side. He had had solo exhibitions with Princess Grace of Monaco and the Duchess of York. He was also quite religious. Eventually, partly because of his beliefs, he was plagued by doubts about the lives that he had taken and his conscience was burdened. That is why he himself revealed that he was responsible for arranging the accident that led to Patton’s death.

In order to assess why General Patton was murdered it is important to note certain highly important but highly suppressed facts. Firstly, FDR was surrounded by Zionist and Communist advisors, almost all of whom were Jews. Secondly, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was a Jewish coup d’état sponsored by certain Zionist international bankers such as Jacob Schiff and others. It was led by “international” Jews with active collaboration of violent sections of Russian Jewry. Thirdly, the Bolsheviks hated the Christians and Christianity, and, apart from murdering tens of millions of Russians, dynamited churches. Fourthly, FDR fully supported the Bolshevik or Communist regime of Stalin and built it into a formidable power by supplying it with immense help before and during WWII. FDR, through his actions with regard to the Soviet Communist regime, betrayed his hatred for Christianity.

Fifthly, Gen Eisenhower, got mysteriously accelerated promotions in the period 1939-1945. From the rank of a colonel unversed in combat in 1939, he was made a general, superseding numerous better qualified and superior generals. He was finally appointed Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe by FDR. These undeserved and extremely rapid promotions took place because Eisenhower had the backing of Bernard Baruch. Baruch, we may recall, was a deep Jewish agent of the High Cabal, who had “advised” every U.S. President starting with Woodrow Wilson. In thirty-five years he managed to “advise” six U.S. presidents! Eisenhower had been singled out for the future by Baruch when he attended Baruch’s lectures at the National War College in Washington in the 1920s. Eisenhower, at the time, was a lieutenant. Douglas Reed has revealed that when Eisenhower became President, he admitted to war veterans that he had, for a “quarter of a century”, had “the privilege of sitting at Bernard’s feet and listening to his word.” So Eisenhower was, practically, a disciple of Bernard Baruch, something not very well known. That is where Eisenhower got his irrational hatred of the Germans. It led him to annihilate, through food deprivation, disease, and confinement in cramped roofless camps, over half a million German soldiers who had surrendered. Eisenhower had to do the bidding of his masters -  the Zionist agents of the High Cabal, i.e.  Baruch and FDR, and that was why he handed over half of Europe, including half of Germany, to Stalin.

Finally, we come to General Donovan, the head of the OSS, and to the OSS itself.  Donovan studied at Columbia and his results have been described as “atrocious” by Eustace Mullins. He was picked up by two professors with deep connections to the banking elite for his advancement. He had an affair with the wife of August Belmont who was the official Rothschild representative in the U.S.  During the war he was selected for the notorious Belgian Relief Commission, a scam of the bankers for providing food to the German army, under the name of relief to Belgians, to prolong the war. J.P. Morgan reportedly paid $200,000 to Donovan for intelligence work in Europe pertaining to $2 billion bonds floated by J.P. Morgan in postwar Europe. Thus Donovan was deeply tied to the international banking families.

William Stephenson, the British envoy to the U.S. during WWII, was an intelligence operative with a codename “Intrepid”. In May 1940 he handed over a proposal to Donovan for setting up an American intelligence agency. Roosevelt, who knew Donovan from Columbia, appointed him Coordinator of Information for the White House. Since he had no experience in propaganda work, the office was split in June 1942, into Office of War Information and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Donovan was made head of the OSS. Eustace Mullins writes: “The ‘new’ agency was from the outset, merely an outpost of British intelligence. On September 18, 1941, Col. E. I. Jacob, Churchill’s military secretary, was informed by Maj. Desmond Church, Churchill’s liaison with the British Secret Service: ‘Another most secret fact of which the Prime Minister is aware is that to all intents and purposes U.S. security is being run for them at the President’s request by the British. A British officer sits in Washington with Mr. Edgar Hoover and General Bill Donovan for this purpose. It is of course essential that this fact should not be known.’”

William Stephenson reported to his head Stewart Menzies in the British intelligence (MI6): “You can imagine how relieved I am after three months of battle and jockeying for position that our man [Donovan] is in a position of such importance to our efforts.” Not only that, FDR told William Stephenson, “I am your biggest undercover agent.” One must note that Britain was the real den of the international banking families, the core of the High Cabal, ever since the Bank of England was set up in 1696. And FDR admitted to being an agent of the High Cabal by calling himself an undercover agent of the British. The same was true of Bill Donovan.

Now it was in the year 1972 that Douglas Bazata told the journalist Joy Billington, who was doing a story on his art, on the condition that she would not publish it, that he was involved in the assassination of General Patton. Then, on September 25, 1979, Bazata stood up at a gathering of ex-intelligence officers at the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C., and in response to a managed question by Joy Billington, stated the following: “For diverse political reasons, many extremely high ranking persons hated Patton. I know who killed him for I was the one who was hired to do it. Ten thousand dollars. General William Donovan, Director of OSS, entrusted me with the mission. I set up the accident. Since he didn’t die in the accident, he was kept in isolation in the hospital where he was killed by an injection.”

The story was a bombshell but the mainstream media completely ignored it! When Bazata died in 1999 the New York Times published an obituary stating that he was former OSS officer of Czech roots, and the son of a Catholic clergyman. But the New York Times story failed to mention the involvement of Bazata in the Patton assassination. This is an example of how the public is kept in dark by the mainstream media, and of how “standard” history is written or fabricated. Why was it so important to maintain the myth that Patton died in an accident and was not assassinated?

However, in October 1979, a magazine titled Spotlight published two front page articles based on an interview of Douglas Bazata. Bazata had passed the lie detector test for his Spotlight interview. In the first interview he pointed out that WWII could have ended much earlier but was badly managed and thus prolonged. Although he did not say so, we know that it was deliberately prolonged – it had to last six years, which it did. In the second article titled “I was Paid to Kill Patton: Exclusive interview with OSS ‘Hitman’” he claimed that he had been ordered by General Donovan to kill General Patton. The accident was staged by someone he knew but whom he would not name. He then revealed that since General Patton did not die in the accident as planned he was killed by a “refined form cyanide that can cause embolism, heart failures and things like that.” It was made in Czechoslovakia and, in small amounts, could be “timed to kill” over a period of 18 to 48 hours.

Bazata had planned to write his biography and eventually gave his secret notes or diaries to Wilcox. There were forty such “ledgers”, as Wilcox calls them. Wilcox was able to check that the facts mentioned in Bazata’s ledgers were indeed correct. Wilcox was able to interview another intelligence operative named Stephen J. Skubik. Skubik had had a terrible experience with Donovan. When he repeatedly told Donovan that there was a threat to Patton’s life, Donovan got extremely angry!  Why? Skubik did not, at the time, know that it was Donovan who had ordered the assassination of Patton. In the beginning Donovan ignored Skubik’s information and then had him jailed! Skubik told Wilcox that when Patton was killed he went underground and stayed underground for five years! Skubik did not work for the OSS but for the CIC, the counter-intelligence corps. And that protected him somewhat from Donovan’s wrath.

Skubik wrote a book on the Patton murder. It was titled: Death: The Murder of General Patton. It has been posted on a website set up by his family ( Skubik’s daughter says that her father always referred to Donovan as “that son of a bitch” for his role in the assassination of General Patton. Skubik writes that initially Gen. Eisenhower had ordered Patton to take over Czechoslovakia. Patton would have done so but the Soviet Chief of Staff called Eisenhower and warned him that if Patton’s forces were not stopped there would be full scale war between the Soviet Union and the U.S. Patton was ordered to stop and he “angrily and reluctantly halted the troops.” Skubik writes: “Marshall Joseph Stalin was furious when he learned that Patton tried to take all of Czechoslovakia and how he wanted Soviet armies to withdraw from all of Europe, including giving up German territory.” Additionally, Patton had established contact with dissident Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian generals as well as guerilla fighters. So Stalin knew that Patton wanted to go to war against the Soviets and therefore wanted Patton dead. Skubik writes that Stalin ordered Patton’s murder.

There was a very deep connection between the Soviet regime and the international bankers who controlled Britain and the U.S. Trotsky came to Russia after staying in New York as a Rockefeller guest who also gave him $10,000 in cash. Trotsky had been issued an American passport on the orders of President Wilson! When Stalin nationalized foreign companies he did not touch Rockefeller companies. FDR had provided aid to USSR before and during the war on a scale that defies imagination. Eustace Mullins has pointed out that “Harriman and other Western financiers linked to the terrorist activities of Dzerzhinsky [Chief of Cheka i.e. KGB] became known as the Trust. As members of the Trust, the owners of these firms served as a colonial government of the Soviet Union, as illustrated by the fact that Averell Harriman spent most of the Second World War at Stalin’s side in Moscow, directing the Russian war effort.” It was the deep design of the High Cabal to divide mankind into capitalist and communist blocs after WWII. This has been pointed out by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, who also points out that Harriman is an example of someone who was, most likely, a member of the High Cabal.

An important fact of the deep connection between the Soviet NKVD, British intelligence, and the OSS, has been mentioned by William Stephenson in his book Intrepid’s Last Case. Mullins quotes from the book: “For 38 years there was an official NKVD mission in London whose agents were assisted by both British Special Operations and the American OSS. Only now it is clear that Moscow received hundreds of OSS research studies; and that the British had supplied guerilla warfare to the chief of NKVD’s subversive operations, Col. A.P. Ossikov.” This relationship is to be borne in mind with regard to Patton’s assassination. It is also important to bear in mind that the OSS was being practically run by the British, as previously pointed out.

Finally, one must quote Eustace Mullins: “International intelligence, or, as it was formerly known, espionage, was not founded by either Donovan or Dulles [Director CIA], who were merely employees of the World Order. The Order founded international espionage to protect their far reaching investments and dealings in slaves, drugs and gold, the commodities on which theor wealth was built.” This shows the subservience of the British and American intelligence agencies to those who control the World Order viz., the High Cabal.

Patton was an outstanding general who led his forces to rapid advances against the enemy. It is astonishing that the British and American military leadership tried to retard or obstruct his advance! Bazata had told the Spotlight that the Allied authorities tried to stop Patton “militarily”. In his diaries he had noted that Patton’s truckers were encouraged to sell off “gasoline, clothing and food” on the black market. Patton’s trucks were deliberately sent with black marketers as drivers! Bazata noted that the British wished to prolong the war. For instance, as Bazata put it, the “British refused to take the surrender of large number of Germans he captured during the war.”

Wilcox points out that Patton was militarily stopped when Eisenhower allocated scarce gasoline resources to Gen. Montgomery. What Eisenhower was doing was put more emphatically by Eustace Mullins: “As a result of Patton’s bold advances in France, Filed Marshal Montgomery persuaded Eisenhower to issue one of the most amazing military orders in history. All Allied armies must advance exactly abreast so that no one (meaning Patton) would receive ‘undue credit’.”

There were several reasons that had angered Roosevelt, Eisenhower and others. Firstly, under Zionist pressure, Washington wanted complete destruction of the German nation. The Morgenthau Plan, and Morgenthau was a Jew, was to destroy all German industry and reducing it to a mere agricultural society. The argument was to prevent Germany from going to war again, but behind it lay absolute and unadulterated Zionist malevolence towards the German nation. Patton opposed this inhuman plan publicly and privately but Roosevelt, himself of Jewish roots, supported the Morgenthau Plan and it was implemented, and continued even after Roosevelt’s death in April 1945. Further, Patton opposed giving government confiscated German homes exclusively to Jews. “If for Jews, why not Catholics, Mormons, etc.” he said. And there were millions of others besides Jews in the camps. For this he was branded anti-Semitic, and therefore, the Zionists wanted him out.

The situation took a serious turn at a press conference on September 22, 1945. His staff had warned him that a reporter’s question as to why he was hiring Nazis in Bavaria was a trap. Wilcox points out that Patton “offhandedly likened the controversy over such things as a typical ‘Democrat and Republican election fight’. The remark had been fleeting and secondary to more serious and thoughtful answers given on the subject. But the press made it sound like it had been the main point and outrage ensued.” It is quite clear that the Zionists had trapped him with the intent of getting rid of him. He was branded pro-Nazi and hence anti-Semitic! He was the general who had probably killed more Nazi soldiers than any other Allied general.

In his diary he had noted: “There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press. They are trying to do two things: first, implement communism, and second, see that all business of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown out of their jobs. They have utterly lost the Anglo-Saxon conception of justice and feel that a man can be kicked out because somebody else says he is a Nazi. They were quite shocked when I told them I would kick nobody out without the successful proof of guilt before a court of law.”

Wilcox quotes historian Victor David Hanson: “Patton’s bombast supposedly proves that he was anti-Semitic, but a prominent trusted military aide, the intelligence officer Col. Oscar Koch was Jewish and beloved by Patton – as was his official biographer Martin Blumenson. Patton …. Many Jews served with him and won his loyalty – as he did theirs.”  Wilcox writes: “Under pressure he had apologized for the press conference remark but Eisenhower had summoned him to occupation headquarters in Frankfurt and fired him…. A few remarks taken out of context? It was a setup, he believed. He was angry about it, But the arguments fell on deaf ears. He was deposed as commander of his beloved Third Army and reassigned by Eisenhower as head of the Fifteenth at Bad Nauheim.” Eisenhower owed all his important positions to Bernard Baruch, and therefore he was hostile to Patton.

Patton was a great general, a brilliant strategist and fighter. But now his fighting days were over it appeared to him. He made a very serious error when he wrote to Maj. Gen. James G. Harbord that he will not retire but will instead resign. “I shall resign, not retire because if I retire I will still have a gag in my mouth…. I should not start a limited counter attack, which would contrary to my military theories, but should wait until can start an all-out offensive.” Harbord was a Freemason and his various appointments indicate his clear ties to the international banking elite. He was director of the Bankers Trust Co, and held many other similar positions. So the High Cabal knew exactly what Patton was going to do. His wife was rich and he did not need a pension. Patton was a grave potential threat to the control of the U.S. by the Zionist bankers and their allies because he was so popular that had he contested for the office of President of the U.S., he would have been elected. That was a very strong reason to stop him – he would, if elected, have taken the U.S. out of the destructive Zionist grip.

On December 9, 1945 he was in a car going on a hunting trip with Lt. Gen. Hobart Gay in a 1938 Cadillac. The car was hit on the side of Patton by a truck. Wilcox points out that “Patton’s driver, who couldn’t avoid the crash would later privately tell his son that the truck was waiting for them on the side of the road as they ‘d started up from a railroad track stop.” Two mysterious things happened. Firstly, the truck driver Robert L. Thompson was whisked away to England for four days before being brought back to Germany! Why? The only possible answer is that the British intelligence was also involved in the assassination and they wanted to effectively debrief Thompson. The argument that he had been whisked away to England to protect him from angry solders does not hold water. Why then was he brought back in a mere four days?

A former naval intelligence officer Ladislas Farago had found out that “Thompson was in violation of the rules of his own routine. He had no orders to go anywhere.” Secondly although the accident took place at an isolated spot on a Sunday a number of apparently military personnel appeared out of nowhere. A set of medical officers also appeared with an ambulance “whose officer in charge opted for the lengthier trip to Heidelberg than to nearby Mannheim.”  Thompson died in 1994. According to a relative who was present: “It was a short illness. For some reasons the doctors could not determine what was wrong with him. He had a lot of pain in the stomach… The day he died he suffered terribly.”

Not only did Thompson die a strange death, the driver of the car which was to lead Gen. Patton and Gen. Gay to the hunting destination also died mysteriously. He was behind their car, but just before the accident he moved ahead, and, despite the accident never returned to the scene of the accident. This in itself is very strange. His name was Joe Scruce. He was a very fit man and could run miles without panting. In his entire service record he only took one day off. In 1952 his wife wished to hold his 51st birthday party. He became deeply perturbed and said: No party. I won’t live to see it.” And in the same year 1952 he died a strange death. He told his wife that he could not feel anything on the left side of his body and then began bleeding profusely. The ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive! He died the same day and there was no autopsy! Scruce’s daughter told Wilcox that her father may have become involved in the plot to kill Patton, if only peripherally. She was so scared that she asked Wilcox not to use her name in the book.

Bazata had told Wilcox that he used a special projectile and a special rifle to break Gen. Patton’s neck at the spot at which the accident took place. The rifle was driven by air and a spring and was thus silent. The damage it did would not appear to come from a bullet because the projectile would just become debris. Bazata was hiding inside, or beside an abandoned vehicle that had been positioned at the spot at which the accident took place.  Gen. Patton was in vigorous health and did not die despite the head and neck injuries. One day before he was taken to the U.S., he was killed by an injection as described by Bazata. What treachery! To kill your most brilliant general because the Army was headed by inferior people who were carrying out the agenda of the Zionist High Cabal. But strangely no autopsy of Patton’s death was carried out.

Wilcox uncovered certain intriguing facts. He found out that at least five crucial documents have been removed from the files pertaining to Patton’s accident. He writes: “All such primary, close-to-the-crash documents have vanished. One or two being lost or misplaced is understandable. But five? That’s a cover up. They ‘ve been removed – except for quoted bits and pieces that have survived as parts of other documents.” Another fact that Wilcox uncovered pertained to the car at display at Fort Knox. It is said to be the car Patton was travelling in at the time of the accident. But Patton was in a 1938 Cadillac. By hiring a Detroit Cadillac expert Wilcox found out that it was not the car in which Gen Patton had the accident! Wilcox writes: “After his examination he told me the Cadillac at Fort Knox was not a 1938, but a doctored 1939.” Not just that. “Among other incriminating details he showed me where the car’s hard to find vehicle identification number (VIN) had been filed off the metal chassis.” So files have disappeared the car on display is a fake! Why?

On one occasion Patton’s private plane was attacked by an RAF Spitfire in an attempt to shoot down his plane. Fortunately, the spitfire missed and crashed. That an RAF plane was involved in the attack on Patton’s plane meant that Britain was involved. Why? No investigation was ever conducted by the Army. We know of the incident from Patton’s diaries. On another occasion a tractor with a huge scythe like object charged at his vehicle. Patton was saved from being decapitated by “inches”. No investigation again! In July 1945 Patton visited his family in the U.S. after a gap of three years. He told his daughters that they will never see him again. When they protested he said” “My luck has run out. I ‘ve used it all up like money in the bank…I ‘ve had increasingly narrow escapes. It is too damned bad I wasn’t killed before the fighting stopped, but I wasn’t. So be it.”