Who killed John F. Kennedy?

30 Nov, 2010

Syed Mujahid Kamran

The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, shook the entire world. He was shot while waving to cheering crowds in Dallas, Texas, the home state of his Vice President and successor Lyndon B Johnson. President Kennedy’s murder was the result of a deep intrigue and researchers have now concluded that certain powerful elements within the CIA were involved in this plan. To date, the mainstream US media has played the same role that it has always played - misleading the public. The media has been very successful in this matter. To quote Theodore Drieser: “The American press, with very few exceptions, is a kept press. Kept by the big corporations the way a whore is kept by a rich man.”

It was Oliver Stone’s movie JFK that shook the US public. This movie, very powerfully, revealed the fact that the murder of President Kennedy was the result of an intrigue in which elements of the US establishment were fully involved. The public reaction evoked by movie JFK forced the US Congress to pass, what is known informally as the JFK Act. An Assassinations Records Review Board was set up under this Act that declassified, during 1994-1998, about two million pages of documents pertaining to Kennedy’s murder. Despite this, numerous documents remained classified because the US agencies claimed that their declassification might affect the ongoing projects. One might wonder as to what kind of operations were continuing three decades after the murder of Kennedy that could be affected by the declassification of these documents! The US researchers have, as always, done an admirable job by minutely analysing these declassified documents. A handful of courageous researchers launched a web magazine named Probe that published results of these researches. In the foreword of their book, Assassinations, James DiEuginio and Lisa Pease write: “Articles in Probe revealed how the press actively, but clandestinely cooperates with the intelligence community, and then conceals the truth about that cooperation.”

By a strange coincidence, a US citizen was making a film of the Kennedy motorcade when Kennedy was shot - this is the famous Zapruder film. It has captured the crucial moments of the Kennedy murder. The film shows, without any doubt, that the President was hit by a bullet that came from the front because his head jerked backwards under the impact. So, the backward movement of his head proves beyond doubt that the bullet came from the front. But the US media has repeated only one thing again and again, and that is that Kennedy was killed by Oswald. The location from where Oswald is alleged to have shot Kennedy, however, was behind Kennedy.

The fact is that bullets at Kennedy were fired from several locations and came from different directions. One may gauge the frightening power of the US elite from the fact that even today the average American believes that Oswald was the sole individual, who fired at and shot Kennedy. As Michael Ruppert wrote: “Only by taking the actual text of the Warren Commission Report, the photographs, the medical records that have been released over the decades, and then comparing them, can a lone, crazed citizen arrive at any conclusions.” The conclusion is that Kennedy was killed by a bullet that came from the front and that he had been fired at by more than one assassin. The Warren Commission was set up to conceal the truth from the people of US, as it was studded with Kennedy’s enemies and agents of the superrich elite.

It is quite clear from the record that James Jesus Angleton, the head of the counter intelligence wing of the CIA, played a key role in this intrigue. Richard Helms also figures prominently in this regard. Later on, it was Richard Helms who assumed charge as Director CIA! The real reason for Kennedy’s murder was his decision to recall the US “advisers” from Vietnam. After assuming charge as President, the first decision that Lyndon Johnson took was to reverse Kennedy’s directive in this regard. Johnson thus ensured a deeper and wider involvement of the US in Vietnam, so that the defence industry and the big banks could make fabulous money, regardless of the outcome of the war. Researchers have pointed out to another fact not shown in Oliver Stone’s movie. It has to do with the Federal Reserve - a private bank that has the power to issue US currency.

This unconstitutional power was usurped with great cunning, through the US Congress. The passage of the Federal Reserve Act gave unsurpassed power to the wealthiest families on the planet, who conceived of, and colluded in this heinous scheme, to acquire control over the US people, US economy and over US politics. Kennedy wanted to restore this power to the Treasury and had ordered the printing of $4 billion worth of treasury bills with the instruction that once printed, these would be put into circulation and the Federal Reserve notes would be withdrawn. This would have meant the end of the control of the elite over the US and, therefore, over the globe. Steve Lendman writes: “Just months after the Kennedy plan went into effect, he was assassinated in Dallas in what was surely a coup d’etat disguised to look otherwise and may well have been carried out at least in part to save the Fed System and concentration of power it created that was so profitable for the powerful bankers in the country.”

Shortly before his death, James Angleton told author Joseph Trento: “Fundamentally, the founding fathers of US intelligence were liars....Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was the desire for absolute power. I did things that, in looking back on my life, I regret. But I was part of it and I loved being in it….Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, Carmel Office, and Frank Wisner were the grand masters. If you were in a room with them you were in a room full of people that you had to believe would deservedly end up in hell….I guess I will see them there soon.”

The writer is the vice chancellor of the University of the Punjab.

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