21 Dec, 2011

Unknown to the world, the clouds of World War III are gathering over the horizon. The world is unaware of the gathering storm because "Western" media, the property and tool of the real masters of the West, the "international bankers", has completely blacked out all news about the manipulated descent towards the abyss of global war, just as it has blacked out the three month long unrest among the people of USA. One writer recently wrote an article with an apt but disturbing title: "A Third World War Won't Stop the American Revolution". No wonder Robert Fisk wrote on December 10, 2011: "Bankers are the Dictators of the West". While the recent so called "revolutions" in Islamic countries have been given great projection in the "Western" media the movements in US and Europe are hardly mentioned, as part of a strategy and design to kill these movements.
For over two centuries a hidden Elite led by a set of banking families, the so called "international bankers", supported by a vast subterranean network of secret societies, has instigated and manipulated wars and "revolutions". The Western armies and agencies and parliaments and governments work for them, not the people as we are erroneously taught and systematically brainwashed in textbooks. By fostering conflict and funding both sides of the warring countries, they bring nations into bondage of debt. The global GDP is around 70 trillion dollars but the world "owes" these families 100 trillion dollars! Christians and Muslims are paying the price for practicing one of the most forbidden things in both great religions - usury.
Recently the Russian Ministry of Defence has written to Mr. Putin as well as to President Medvedev that President Hu of China has now agreed "in principle" that the only way to counter American military eruption and aggression is through "direct and immediate military action". This explosive news has not appeared on "Western" media! Earlier Major General Zhao Zhangzhong of the Chinese National Defence University was quoted by a Chinese channel NDTV as having said that if Iran was attacked "China would not hesitate to protect Iran even with a Third World War." On December 18, 2011 Vladimir Yevseyev, Director Russian Centre for Socio-Political Studies stated "Russia will stop any military attack against Iran." These statements were made while three more US warships were dispatched to the Mid East. Moscow has also sent three naval ships including battleship Admiral Kuznetsov which is a "heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser", to Syria.
There are reports that NATO-US troops in hundreds have been seen taking up positions near the Syrian-Jordanian border. Referring to this buildup of NATO-US forces, a writer on one blog states that "journalists with a major mainstream publication were told by his editors that there would be no coverage or follow up on these "developments". In addition it has also been reported that a joint US-NATO training camp aimed at destabilizing Syria has been in operation in Southern Turkey since May 2011. The story was sent to major US media but was not reported owing to "government pressure".
On Friday December 16, 2011 Lt. General Sergey Karakev, commander of Russian missile troops has stated that Russian nuclear missiles can be reprogrammed and promptly targeted at any destination. This includes the missile sites set up in Europe by the Americans. On the other hand, Professor Chossudovsky wrote on December 4, 2011: "The launching of an outright war using nuclear warheads against Iran has been on the active drawing board of the Pentagon since 2005. If such a war were to be launched, the entire Middle East Central Asian region would flare up. Humanity would be precipitated in World War III scenario."
It may be recalled that it was in May 2011, that the Chinese authorities had stated that an attack on Pakistan will be construed as an attack on China. An unprovoked and deliberate attack killing 24 Pakistani soldiers by US-NATO forces has led to unprecedented public protest resulting in a suspension of all military and other supplies to US-NATO troops in Afghanistan. It was reported on December 17 on a website that US soldiers in Afghanistan are no longer getting fried chicken owing to this suspension! As time passes, the effects of the suspension of supplies will become more significant. A number of oil tankers carrying oil to troops in Afghanistan have been attacked and burnt in Pakistan and the public wants all American saboteurs, i.e. CIA agents and Blackwater mercenaries, out of this country. It also wants an end to all US bases on Pakistani soil.
The Elite is intent on setting up a One World Government under its control through a World War. The One World Government under the Elite will be a tyranny of a kind never before seen in the world. Everybody will be under surveillance all the time and there will be no room for dissent of any kind. There will be absolute "Thought Control" - even your dreams are likely to be monitored thanks to advances in science and technology. The passage of the so called National Defence Authorization Act by the US Senate with a 93 to 7 vote on December 8, 2011 will instantly formalize the Police State conditions of USA and intensify them as soon as Mr. Obama signs the document. The Act authorizes the US forces to declare anyone a "terrorist" and imprison him or her indefinitely without trial. Such actions cannot be challenged in a court of law. Even though the US superior courts are deeply compromised, the Elite is taking no chances - every step towards total tyranny is "legal" - the US constitution can now go into the dustbin.
The prescient Eustace Mullins warned the wonderful and innocent people of America in 1970s through an essay tiled "There is a Gulag in Your Future". The Federal Emergency Management Authority FEMA has already constructed vast structures on US soil, and probably elsewhere, where dissenters will be confined. FEMA has been conducting "exercises" where up to 400,000 people can be put into these places in one day! The Gulags have been built and are about to be filled. WWIII and Police State America are an integral part of Elite strategy for NWO.

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